Alex Vaterlaus was inducted into the Rexburg Rotary Club on August 1, 2013.


We would like to welcome our newest member to the Rexburg Rotary Club, Alex Vaterlaus. His father is a member or Rotary and his example of service and working to improve the community has inspired Alex to follow in his foot steps. Alex always enjoyed going to the different service projects with his dad. helped build picnic tables along the green belt in Boise, he did his Eagle Scout Project at one of the Rotary parks, and he always loved going to the Rotary parties. 

Alex eventually made his way over to Rexburg, to attend Brigham Young University- Idaho. He joined the different outdoor clubs and gained an even stronger love for the outdoor community. He became an avid rock climber, cyclist, backpacker, and other diverse hobbies. He would teach students how to do the different outdoor activities and lead them on different adventures. He  enjoyed inspiring others and exploring Idaho's wilderness. He graduated from BYU-Idaho in December 2012, from their Accounting program. He is now pursuing his Master's degree of Accountancy at Idaho State University. 

In September of 2012, Alex married his sweetheart, Justene. They were married in the Rexburg Temple and are now coming up on their one year anniversary. They are also excited because they are expecting a little girl this October. They have been busy getting ready for this little girl. Justene loves to dance. While at school, you could always see her in the dance performances at the Kirkham Auditorium. Now with the little girl on the way, she has been doing more choreography. She is a part of a local dance company, Dance Aspire. 

Alex is really excited for the opportunity to be a part of this club and of what Rotary stands for. He can't wait to bring new ideas, and a fresh perspective to our different projects and events. He is grateful for the warm welcome from all the club members and  is excited to work along side all of you.