On November 10-11, members of the Rexburg Rotary club presented every 3rd grade student in Madison County with their very own dictionary.  Each year for the last 3 years, the club has reached out to these students to express the importance of a commitment to education.  Students learned how fortunate they are to have the learning opportunities afforded them.  They were challenged to get as much education as possible so that they would be able to give back to their own communities, wherever that may be.  They learned about the commitment of Rotary to finish the task of eradicating Polio in the four remaining countries where Polio still devestates thousads of children about their age.  The children were so excited to receive this gift, and their teachers assured us that they will put them to good use this year.  We hope these students will continue make learning a part of their lives.  Thanks to school administrators and teachers for allowing us to spend some time with these wonderful young citizens (and hopefully future Rotarins).