I received this email this morning and felt it was a great opportunity for our club to continue providing service at an international level. Rotary is in the middle of a competition to win 10 million United Airlines travel miles. The email below provides the details. 
December 10th, 2013




Here's a wonderful way to support Rotary!  Vote early and often to help Rotary win up to 10 million United Airlines travel miles!  It won't cost you a penny - and the miles will be used to help numerous Rotary projects.   


All you have to do is go to Charity Miles and vote for Rotary International.  You can vote every day until December 25th.  Rotary is neck and neck with the Shriners - your vote may just make the difference!    


In the past Charity Miles have provided transportation for Rotary International's Gift of Life surgical teams. Teams have traveled to Haiti and El Salvador, where volunteer doctors and nurses from the United States performed life-saving heart surgery on many children and provided important training for local doctors. Charity Miles have also helped Rotary International transport Iraqi children with birth defects to U.S. hospitals for treatments they cannot receive at home. 


Charity Miles are also used to send volunteers to help immunize children during National Immunization Days. And, Charity Miles provide airfare for financially disadvantaged Rotary youth exchange students so they may live and study overseas for one school year, enabling 8,000 secondary school students to study abroad in 80 countries around the world.

And don't just vote yourself!  Share this message with your network of friends. If you are a Facebooker, a Twitterer or a Texter - get cracking and spread this message.  Remember, by winning these Charity Miles, we can bring smiles to the faces of thousands of underprivileged children! 


Warm Rotary regards,






Bill Boyd

Wasrag Chair


Ron Denham    

Ron Denham

Wasrag Chair Emeritus