We had the pleasure of hosting our District Governor and District Governor Elect come and spend a few moments with us. Marianne Barker shared her feelings about Rotary and her aspirations for the coming year, for the district.


Last week, we had a special opportunity to hear from our District Governor, Marianne Barker. We want to thank all the members for coming out and making this a wonderful time. During her visit here, Marianne had the opportunity to present two Paul Harris Fellows to Alex and Justene Vaterlaus. During the presentation she shared a story about family, more specifically the Legacy of Fathers. Before she started her journey in Rotary, her father gave her a Paul Harris Fellow. At the time, she didn't know what it meant. It wasn't until she joined Rotary and accepted the opportunities of serving others, that she realized the gift she received from her father. Alex shares in that legacy because it was his father who gifted the Paul Harris Fellow to him and his wife. 

She continued by expounding off her story about her father, by talking about the opportunities Rotary provides. It helps us to develop courage, kindness, a hard work ethic, and other leadership qualities. She shared her experience of volunteering to go to Mexico and work with the members of Rotary. Her message came to the main point. We shouldn't allow ourselves to become stagnate in our membership. We can't let the opportunities slip us by. 

Marianne goes on to express how we can become members of action. She asked the club the question, "What is your story?". She wanted us to think about the reasons for joining Rotary. She wanted to find our purpose, our Rotary voice, and share it with those in the Rexburg Community. When we are not stagnate we can fulfill the three things that make up Rotary: community, ethics, and business. In closing she invited us to step outside of our comfort zones, to accept the challenge of new opportunities, to become leaders within the club and the community, and to accomplish the club goals. 

It was a pleasure to have our District Governor come speak to us and spend the time getting to know the members of her district. As a club we are excited for the coming year and the many opportunities to serve and build up the communities around us, as a club and as a district. It will be a very exciting year.